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24 Answering Operators Represent Your Brand

24 Answering professional operators are only hired after thorough testing and interviews. Since we we provide very special services intended to add to the growth of brand identities, our agents are to be experts both on a national and international level. 24 Answering brand care experience was successful thanks to our call center live operators. Every representative is first to learn the detailed information about your product or services, company and values. Only then they are allowed to start answering calls in your company’s name. When you invest in your brand, placing advertisements in various media or doing extensive marketing, you need some professional support. 24 Answering call center can build proper relationship with your potential customers providing around-the-clock live support. We do not simply offer basic answering service, in addition to taking calls and dispatchung messages, we can provide a full-time service to fully support your brand. Whenever your potential customers call, they will get professional assistance from our experts.

Our services include:

  • Customer Service Support: Professional customer service should be available 24/7. Our live operators can answer any questions about your products, returns, orders, etc.
  • Help Desk Services: Many products require professional assistance. Our agents can help in setting up some device, installing some program or providing detailed guidelines to some special service. Your FAQ and individual scripts will be followed
  • Order Processing Services: If you own an e-commerce store, your potential customers expect to place their orders 24/7. We will support this possibility.
  • Order Tracking Services: When your customer wants updates as to the status of his order, our call center software integrated with your e-commerce store will track it and our live operator will give the relevant information to your customer.
  • Returns Processing Services: Returns are not easy to handle. If it happens so that your product does not meet your customer’s expectations, your representative should be available 24/7 in order to gice clients real assistance. All cases concerning the returned products should be handled in a proper way, otherwise your brand might not get any second chance. We will handle all the tricky situations delicately.

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