Cost-effective answering services
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Package 100
( for 100 min )$80.00/month
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( for 200 min )$145.00/month
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( for 300 min )$225.00/month
Package 500
( for 500 min )$350.00/month
Package 1000
( for 1000 min )$680.00/month
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Our Vision


'If you are not growing, you aren't living.'

  • We are sure that quality is the higher level of commitment, experience, and possibility to be involved into innovation. This synergy could be a tool of providing high quality standards in our everyday life.
  • We are focused on the highest quality that can provide and support innovations and make them really useful for the people.
  • Our clients are protected by employees that have good communication skills and are always available for interaction.
  • We deal with the customers of different backgrounds and values. That's why we have a range offer of services which make good solution to any problems combining business technologies and personal service.


'I want us to treat our clients as we would treat our family or our neighbors, with a warm handshake every time we answer the phone.'

  • Do you have any idea how to enrich your life? The solution is very simple: attract people and organizations that are honest and reliable in all their actions and intentions.
  • We have a reputation of reliable, honest, responsible company with high-standard business principles. We are doing the right things to ensure our partners and customers that we the right team that can be respected by people.

The owner of Answering Solution puts as targeting point of the business communicative skills of our employees. She has great previous experience in working in medical industry. She realizes a very important thing that only people can make a difference. New technologies are good and they make our life easier but they couldn't substitute individuals. Only in the course of communication with live operators customers can feel themselves protected. Many companies hire less people for their staff to save money and use more technology. But they often fail. We never do that. We provide reliable answering services with friendly live operators and customer support team that is always available to communicate with the customers. If you want to fulfill in your business you must offer something better. Our customers are sure that we are better than many others. We are thankful to our owner that she has built her business like that.


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We run our answering service efficiently with high but rather simple standards. We understand that our people make business. That's why we hire only friendly and reliable staff with positive attitudes, intentions and approaches. Our customers are happy to see their smiles and hear their friendly voices.The main aim of an answering service is to provide telecommunications with professional team and technical support to improve your business

There is a list of some primary functions that our answering service performs:

  • For handling excess call traffic we provide virtual secretary who can also replace a staff member when needed.
  • We screen all incoming calls with the aim of protecting our telephone lines and services from unwanted calls and time-wasters.
  • We route emergency call to specific call agents that manage hotline center and all the emergencies.