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Additional IVR Services

24 Answering offers some additional services aside your IVR system programs. These additional features can benefit your business in different departments. If you want to improve your product development or business strategies the following services will help you at all levels.

  • Call Monitoring: Via voice stress analysis we can identify and monitor incorrect and improper employee responses and rude or irritated customer calls.
  • Call Tracking: By means of this important feature we can identify customer information, such as name, number, location, and other sources of incoming calls.
  • Lead Tracking: We make constant follow ups for all leads. This device shows the direction of leads.
  • Surveyor: We make customer and lead surveys for better work. We fix all problems concerning lost leads. This is an effective way to improve all interactions between customers and our company, increase sales and satisfy clients and personnel, and fix any issue of your company.

IVR Technologies are of Great Importance

Used IVR technologies can make you feel integrated in the gnd programs. Customers have a great opportunity to use the provided additional IVR services to improve company`s revenues. Here are some of the advanced technological programs: global technology systems and

  • Voice stress analysis
  • Voice recognition
  • Text to speech converter
  • Database access and update
  • Speech recognition
  • Hold music
  • Recording programs
  • Call tracking
  • User navigation
  • Call records
  • Interactive Voice Response for Key Input
  • Route calls
  • Script recognition

Why should you Choose Interactive Response Service

If you are searching for the right way to save your money and time IVR is the right choice for you. You will benefit from IVR because using new technologies, your company will attract more customers and raise you to a higher level. You will get more profits and increase a level of customer satisfaction. It will improve your image and brand on the market. Our specialized programs and professionally trained personnel are ready to help you  meet your needs and demands from installation software programs to developing marketing strategies.

Contact us today at for more information about how additional IVR services can help your business