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Alternative to Your Voicemail

Most of the companies use voicemail for customer support. They find it cheap and reliable. But is it truly so? Do you know that almost half of your callers, about 47% hang up on the robot? Voicemail is really cheap and it is easy to setup and start using. The main reason for using it is reliability. You expect that your customers will be satisfied with the opportunity to contact you 24/7, although most of the callers, who get in touch in afterhours, holidays or week-ends usually call for some urgent reason where immediate relief is required. Voicemail is an efficient system when it is supported by live operator service. Your business callers can not get individual attention from your automated system. 24 Answering suggests voicemail support by our live operators. We can provide answering services included in 24 Answering virtual office system. We realize that your customer needs understanding and valuable advice. We will set up your account to satisfy most of your callers. In some exceptional cases, when the matter requires your immediate reaction, your callers will be dispatched to you directly. You will deal with every aspect of your account and we will follow your guidelines precisely.

Your product or services deserve proper customer support. Your callers will be pleased to get in touch with a person rather than answering machine or voicemail. 24 Answering online representatives, supporting your virtual office alternative to your voicemail, will give your clients 24/7 competent service. We offer a full range of outsourcing services for small and large business. Your company can choose any additional options available to general live answering. When setting up your account with the help of our agency, you will be suggested to point out those features you find to be the most beneficial for your business. 24 Answering virtual office is not limited to simple inbound calls answering. We can actually become your full-time support. Our professional live operators are perfectly trained to bear any office responsibilities, to handle outbound advertising or provide sales support for your company.

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