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American Answering Service Hires American Workers

There are many reasons why using an American answering service is better than using a foreign one. However, there is also something that justifies the use of an American answering service and gives 24 Answering a serious economic advantage over competitors. We hire American workers, and it is one of the main reasons why this service is efficient for businesses and the future of the American economy, in general. It is no secret that the United States are in the midst of an ongoing economic crisis. Some people cannot find a job. Others are thrown away from their workplaces, because companies move their offices overseas. The latter is justified by huge cost savings. Certainly, foreign workforce is somewhat cheaper than the American one. Therefore, companies can save millions of dollars and re-invest them in business. Though, only few corporations realize that such savings produce only short-term effects. In the long run, the use of overseas answering services can become a serious obstacle to business expansion and growth.

The benefits of hiring American workers are two-fold. First, these experts, working for 24 Answering’s service, ensure that your calls, contacts, and conversations will be handled properly and will not cause confusions. Only these specialists, hired by our agency, can respond to a big number of inbound and outbound calls from American customers. Professionals, working for our company, can understand American customers and meet their needs without any difficulty. These workers can bring great advantages to your firm.

On the other hand, under the conditions of a serious economic crisis, hiring American workers means making a significant contribution to the economic and social recovery of the U.S. While other firms are moving their offices overseas, one of the main goals of our American answering service is to maintain stability and promote growth in the US economy. We are here to make our partners and customers confident about tomorrow. Our service may become a starting point for the rapid growth of the US-based business activity. We hope to be a role model for thousands of other companies.

Our American answering service specialists are grateful for an opportunity to work. Call us today to find out more!