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Appointment Setting Service Is Good for More than just Booking Appointments

Setting the appointment is the starting point to attract customer and generate prospect leads. The 24 Answering realizes that. The first impression is very important. You know that any business starts from the front desk. That`s why we have serious concern for the appointment setting services and customer support. 24 Answering also offers a number of services related to appointment setting ones that could make your work easier and reliable.

Reschedule Service

We make rescheduling of meetings if the customers are unavailable.

  • Confirmation Calls: Our call center operators call your customers to confirm their meetings. It is usually used for medical offices, airlines, transportation companies, and others.
  • Appointment Reminder Service: Our agents give reminding calls to the clients about upcoming meeting.
  • Web-based appointment book maintenance: You can use a web based calendar, available on your demand, in order to check appointment settings both for your staff and our call center agents.
  • Event RSVP service: It`s an ideal service to book seats for your upcoming events. We provide RSVP line where customers can get information about their upcoming event or pay for it.

You can take your time and decide what kind of services you need. We can help you not only with appointment settings but much more. We are established answering services that give various accommodations to the needs of our clients.

24 Answering can help you increase your revenue in generating leads, such as RSVP services, appointment follow up calls, etc. We can work for your advertizing and design campaign. Our call center operators are always available to give you professional support. If you start working with us, you will never stop because of our excellent services and the way we treat the customers. We know how to save your budget, money and time.

Take a chance to communicate with our representatives today. They will give you more detailed information about our professional assistance.

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