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Automated & Live Operator Appointment Reminders

We understand all the importance of choosing professional services. Therefore, 24 Answering suggests you to decide if you prefer live operator or automated appointment reminders. Both ways can be successfully used by your company. We also suggest a combination of these two options. 24 Answering live service will use your list of meetings and then our live operators will get in touch with your clients during the day or the week. Our agents will remind your customers about their appointments with you according to your instructions. Sometimes your client may wish to cancel the meeting with you or reschedule it, then our live operator will use your online calendar system, make necessary changes and notify you accordingly. In case you cannot access your web calendar to check the updates, our live operators can transfer such calls to your staff to reschedule meetings. We offer several options of notification of any changes, updates or cancellations.

24 Answering automated service will export your appointment information to your web based interface. 24 Answering can also provide additional software solutions for those companies that do not use any web based calendars. Then our company's automated outbound IVR service will use your appointment list to send a message, confirming the date, time and place of your meeting. Using our software, you will have a possibility to log to our on-line system to monitor the appointment reminders. You can check and update daily schedules (with any cancellations or rescheduled meetings). Although automated IVR will connect with your clients numbers, your protocol can be programmed manually depending on your preferences. 24 Answering intelligent IVR system can include voice recognition feature if you choose such option. Another solution is to offer your caller to press a number to be connected to a person. You may choose this option if such a caller is dispatched to our answering service or your office.

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