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Automated Telephone Answering Works – But It also Doesn’t

An automated telephone answering service is the source of numerous benefits for businesses. Cost-effectiveness, reliability and flexibility of these services go hand in hand. However, one important thing may turn such a kind of service into a serious impediment to strategic growth. It concerns small businesses, which cannot always afford to use live operator support. That is why they limit their customer service options to a fully automated telephone answering service. These services are an attractive alternative to live operators, but they do not meet the goal of quality customer service. Moreover, they may push companies to the bottom of the market hierarchy, because customers do not want to talk to automated systems. However, the problem is not in automated telephone answering services but in its type used by companies. Whether or not companies manage to meet their strategic objectives mostly depends upon the quality and efficiency of various automated telephone answering services and the way it matches with live operator support systems.

Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) is a particular type of automated answering service, which can minimize the risks of losing potential customers. IVR is a kind of service, which becomes extremely popular among companies. IVR exemplifies a combination of numerous options and features, including voicemail, PBX and email support, live chat, and helpdesk opportunities. IVR can fulfill most secretarial and receptionist functions and is easily adjusted to speaking any language. The amount of benefits from using the IVR automated phone answering service option is simply amazing. It

  • Saves costs
  • Retains and expands customer base
  • Saves time
  • Rises profits
  • Evaluates statistical data
  • Organizes and manages projects
  • Meets and manages staffing needs
  • Runs voicemail groups.

Intelligent Voice Response is still at the very beginning of its technical evolution. Nevertheless, telecommunications operators and automated answering service providers use it in abundance. Its main features and benefits turn IVR into the main factor of success in the provision of quality automated phone answering service. We have everything needed to assure you that IVR will benefit you in the long run.

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