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Important Facts about Phone Answering Service


The benefit of phone answering services is obvious and does not require additional explanation. This option is much more convenient, than, for instance, recorded voice messages, because real-time communication with real agent is way more helpful than just an automated message with limited information. Main advantage of such services is that your incoming calls will be handled by the professional agent who will be able to provide your clients with detailed information when you are out of the office or on vacation. It is a great option for growing businesses when receptionists are no longer able to address all the customers’ needs due to the increasing number of calls.

Phone Answering ServiceThe main purpose of the answering service is bridging business and its customers: it allows attending to every call no matter how loaded you are at the moment. Our agents will impress your existing and potential customers with instant, express and friendly assistance - no more busy lines and postponed calls – your customer service will be upgraded to the new level where customers time matters most!

Even if your staff is usually coping with incoming calls, there are still some moments when they could not be reached: they may leave the office for lunch or stay off during holidays- in such cases our virtual answering service is there for you. Moreover, customer might want to contact you upon the occurrence of some emergency at non-working hours, be it 5am or 10pm, so instead of hiring some additional full-time employees and paying them high wages you are welcome to apply for our assistance for low price.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to install any telephone answering service equipment, the only thing you have to do is to provide your answering assistants with detailed instructions and all the required information about your business, for them to provide your customers with the most efficient services – the rest is our responsibility.

Why Live Chat is not Enough?

You would hardly find a website without Live Chat support nowadays. It is quite a useful option for customers who want to receive quick response for some general question. However, for a customer, who needs more detailed information or more attention, live chat would definitely be not enough. Phone answering services have more advantages comparing to live chat, because they involve more “personal” approach to the client’s needs. Live chat still gives an impression of talking to the machine, while answering service allows talking to the real person with pleasant voice and with thorough knowledge of the subject. It goes without saying, that such an option contributes to the creation of the respectable image of any company, it gives an opportunity of receiving required information from a real person 24/7 and helps to avoid customers’ frustration by providing timely support and face-to-face communication.

How Much Does a Professional Answering Service Cost?

After taking into account all the advantages that answering services offer to their users it becomes obvious that money spent on this option return easily in a ten fold. It is worth pointing out, that phone answering service cost is usually low - therefore it is quite affordable to any purse. You are welcome to check different rates on our price page: it is obvious that cost varies depending on the kind of your business as well as on the nature of the interaction with your current and potential clients. Please, contact us anytime and our support team will gladly assist you with calculating the price for requested services, taking into consideration type of your business environment and conditions under which you are planning to co-operate with us. We offer lowest phone answering service prices for the premium services on the market, sign up for our free trial and see how effective our assistance is and how your business can be improved in a short period of time.