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What Do People Really Expect From Customer Service Departments?


Before creating a customer service strategy companies try to understand what their customer expect and value from their company. If the assumed values and expectations are wrong, then the whole strategy will be doomed to failure. When it comes to defining what are the most valuable things a customer would value in a customer service it is important to be very precise, honest, and practical. The problem of many companies is that they find nice words for their strategies, although very often there is nothing more behind good wording. Sometimes it seems that the companies and customers live in two separate worlds...

Everything Genius is Simple

customer expectationsAs a matter of fact many companies often don't want to know what their customers really want because that would mean they will have to either take appropriate actions or admit they don't care by doing nothing. Moreover, even when company managers pretend to not know what their client expects and values they are not being honest in most cases. We say so because there are basic things which customers always want from the companies no matter what industry or what area the business operates within. It is no big magic to know what are the most important things normal people want from businesses who provide their services and goods.

Most people understand that no matter how high quality product they buy they might still run into an issue with it sooner or later. You and I have been in the situations like this before. And we all know what a person in such circumstances wants - to quickly solve the problem. The solution can vary depending on the issue of course although a quick resolution is something every normal person would expect from the company that sold the product. And one shouldn't (and never does really) about busy hours at the company or something like that. The companies then should have all it takes (professional operators, automated systems, etc.) to be able to address client issues in a timely manner.

Having obtained such resources (be it agents or some kind of systems) the companies need to make them available to their clients. Otherwise, it makes no sense to have them if a person who needs immediate assistance has to wait in order to get access to it. Customer service is always meant to improve the experience of potential and existing clients of the company. Therefore, full service should be available whenever a customer might need it, not when you can provide such opportunity. So it really boils down to simple things like availability and quick problem resolution. Obviously, it is easier to build more on it having laid such solid foundation for a high quality customer service.