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Call Center Overview – Technically Speaking

Our company is fairly regarded as one of the leaders in the call center industry. We have spent years on the market, trying to develop the best call center solutions for all types of businesses. Dozens of companies outsource their online call center operations to us. Our specialists can meet the most sophisticated customer and business demands. Unfortunately, not all companies know what exactly we can do for them and how our operations can benefit business. Not all business owners realize how important it is to provide superior customer service without increasing prices. If you want to know more about our call center capabilities, how our live operators support your business and how they manage to answer a big amount of inbound and outbound calls here is a brief overview. It will help you understand how our experts can support your business.

To begin with, online call center is a place, where dozens of live operators and technical support representatives, as well as sales agents and other professionals, manage your inbound and outbound calls on behalf of your company. It is a complex system of telephone lines and software systems, information and VoIP lines, ruled by our trained staff. This is how our live operators process customer calls:

Step 1: customer dials your number – whenever clients dial your company number, out telephone lines forward the call to our call center; or, if you provide customers with a toll-free number, they will be automatically directed to our call center representatives.

Step 2: we route the call – your telephone company or your toll-free provider will use public telephone networks to route customer calls via the automatic branch exchange in our online call center.

Step 3: the call is identified with our software – customer calls are transferred to our automatic branch exchange, the software identifies the call and chooses the best way to handle it.

Step 4: we answer the call – the automatic call distributor transfers it to a live operator, who screens all information available about the call and the caller. Our live operators use modern software and follow your policies and protocols, while talking to the customer.

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24 Answering’s call centers are a combination of advanced technologies and live operator support. Our qualified live operators really care about your business. Our call center system is easily customizable to meet any business need.

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