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Combining Call Center with Virtual Office Services Helps Businesses Prosper

24 Answering gives a unique possibility to combine our call center with our virtual office services that help your business prosper. That`s the target point of any business: to prosper by outsourcing and increasing revenues. Answering telephone calls and providing customer assistance is of great importance to any business. Our customers and partners know that combining our call center with our virtual office services can increase their budgets. You will outsource your receptionists, sales, customer care and support responsibilities to our service. Our professional specially trained live call center agents will answer your calls in a professional friendly manner without loosing your time.

Take an Advantage to Use Our Services for Your Success

24 Answering call center manages virtually office service for better outsourcing. We have a wide variety of virtual office services which include appointment setting, order taking, message taking, customer support and care, customer survey and dispatch services. We can manage all of those services in an efficient manner meeting the needs and desires of all customers. We realize that we can communicate with customers of different back grounds and we have individual approach to each client. We offer the following:

  • Telephone Answering Service: It works as a virtual receptionist and virtual staff to help represent your business on the market. Every time when the telephone rings, our professional virtual call operator manages the call as if it is received by your own staff. We treat customers with the deserved respect.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Our virtual receptionist works as a live operator in traditional call center but on our virtual office platform. We implement various automated services, such as IVR, voicemail working as a voicemail box or voicemail system.
  • Help Desk Services: 24 Answering gives professional help desk support at a professional level. To answer customers` technical questions we can go via your FAQ list or your technical support protocol. Our staff takes care of all customers` concerns.
  • Order Entry Services: Our staff is trained according to your instructions. We can set up a web based order processing platform to process orders and credit cards on your behalf. Order entry services can be an incredible solution for e-commerce business, DTV advertisers, newspaper and magazine advertisers etc.
  • Online Web Enables Solutions: 24 Answering works as a virtual office call center provider offering a wide range of services. Our operators can provide and manage online solutions. Customers, calling your office, will be connected directly to our representatives that are able to monitor and respond to online requests.
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