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Custom Designed Outbound IVR Service

If your company needs custom designed outbound IVR service, which allows you to handle your clients' tasks, 24 Answering can design a unique one for you. Using our best up to date technology and 24 Answering to outsource your applications, you will have an access to the following programs:

  • Call Center Outbound IVR Platform: This platform is designed to educate clients on how to operate new features and services in a proper way. If there are changes in the following services or features IVR system will contact customers. Thus customers get information that this system functions. When an update occurs the customer`s phone rings.
  • IVR Outbound Dispatch Services: This unique service allows users to notify, confirm, reschedule and cancel appointments. This platform is designed to dispatch IVR outbound calls for customers` convenience and on their demand.
  • Outbound IVR Maintenance Calls: This system gives your clients an opportunity to maintain outbound IVR calls during the whole process of calling. This platform deals with inbound calls as well. Customers can be transferred directly to a CCR to make updates on open service ticket.
  • Accounts Receivable Options:This platform is a valuable tool for companies having their own payment policies and services that need to be updated. Customers can be notified of the latest payment issues and all payment information about sales and orders.
  • Emergency Disaster IVR: In today`s world any disaster may happen. Emergency disaster IVR is designed to send notifications to the customers in case of emergency immediately.
  • IVR Communications: Phone notifications such as messages, memos, and other types of reminders can be sent to clients.
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If you want to run a prosper business and be on the top of severe competition, custom designed outbound IVR service is your perfect choice. It`s a good solution tthat can help your business grow and ensure clients that you are a reliable and reputable company. 24 Answering can manage many other essential solutions for outbound IVR services including generating leads, customer surveys, order taking, payment processing, promotions etc. We work to meet your business needs and demands and to provide the best outbound and inbound services.

Custom designed outbound IVR service can be a great solution for small growing businesses as well as for large established companies