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Different Methods of Answering Calls

24 Answering provides a range different methods of call answering services to meet the diverse needs of organizations all over the U.S. We believe that only a possibility to choose from a variety of call answering services can help us meet and exceed the needs of companies. We constantly improve our knowledge of business and we try to expand the list of services available to businesses. We are proud to offer one of the most extensive lists of call answering services in the call center industry and on its market. The most important methods of answering calls are:

  • A full time receptionist: many businesses hire one or more full time receptionists to handle their calls. Many other companies cannot afford to have a team of in-house receptionists. We know that it is very difficult to find a good full time agent. For this reason, we offer quality call attendant services, to release your employees from the burden of excessive calls. In this case, you pay only for the calls that were handled by us. You no longer need to spend thousands on employees, who merely sit in your office, waiting for the call.
  • Voicemail services: voicemail is just another method of taking calls effectively. However, companies that count solely on voicemail are doomed to a business failure. Voicemail alone can never provide customers with the level of service they desire. Our call attendants help your company provide quality voicemail services. Your customers can choose between voicemail and live operator options. Our specialists exceeds the capacity of even the most advanced voicemail systems!
  • Cell phones: our call attendants do not use cellular phones to handle your calls. We know that despite their benefits, these devices can be extremely unreliable. Cell phones lead to misunderstanding between callers, because of noise and interferences. Our representatives never use these gadgets but rely on their own professionalism and knowledge. We know how to make your customer service your best business feature. We also know how to exceed the most unusual expectations of your customers.

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