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Emergency Call Handling

Hence you have emergency answering service you suppose to make up a plan how to handle them. Emergency call handling requires perfect solutions and immediate reaction to urgent calls. To improve the quality of our sales process, our staff creates a plan according to which our emergency calls are answered.

Vital hints of this plan

  • How will 24 Answering handle your emergency calls? - 24 Answering will help relay and dispatch emergency messages following your clear instructions.
  • How does 24 Answering determine what an emergency is? – 24 Answering has developed an emergency criterion during the set up process and follows all the directions mentioned there.
  • Will 24 Answering give callers personal contact information in crisis? – No. It acts as a liaison, directing callers to a proper representative of our call center who will handle the emergency situation.
  • What if you cannot contact any expert during the process? – 24 Answering will find any possible opportunity to handle your call.
  • Will 24 Answering change protocol when the situation demands? – It depends on the occurred situation, but safety is an issue. Our experts will provide their services in favour of your customers.

Any new small companies or large established corporations can use our efficient services. We guarantee that our qualified specialists will help you achieve your business goals. We have the best nationwide cover in case if emergency happens (e.g. software malfunction, blackout, hurricane, etc.). You will have access to the communications even when all the rest kinds of telecommunications may fail. Address us and we shall provide your business with the best emergency answering services that can be a proper solution to improve your business flow.

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