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Economy package
Package 100
( for 100 min )$80.00/month
Package 200
( for 200 min )$145.00/month
Package 300
( for 300 min )$225.00/month
Package 500
( for 500 min )$350.00/month
Package 1000
( for 1000 min )$680.00/month
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Executive Answering Service

Call Answering Customer Service

As we work on your behalf, our call answering operators will greet all the customers calling our office with specific greeting according to your choice. Our reputable company will provide an effective customer service by managing all inbound and outbound or incoming and outgoing calls 24/7. We are absolutely flexible arranging your customers` appointments, taking orders, answering questions, solving the problems etc.

Why Do You Need That?

Executive Answering ServiceYou will improve your work flow and image with our new service and professional staff. Your customers will be impressed by your professional, friendly and courteous specialists. Take your advantage and get new experience with the team that you can be pleased to work with!

If you need more information about our executive service contact us or call at . We do not charge you for “hold-time” unlike other services.

Use Our Toll Free Number

We can offer our Toll Free Number service to our clients on their request 24/7/365. You have a chance to publish 800 - number on your website, stationary, advertisements - wherever you need! You will have the great opportunity to increase your sales up to 45% and improve your status. There is no need to pay any extra charge for the number!

Toll Free Fax Number Is Available

In our technology era there is no need to use faxes as years before spending money on fax paper and toner. You can use your email box getting all the necessary information! Our toll free number representatives can receive and send your faxes to your email address (up to 4 addresses) as pdf files. We keep all your fax information confidential without any additional cover letters.

We provide local fax number for $9.95 for unlimited amount of incoming faxes to your local area code phone number or throughout the US according to your demand.

Local phone numbers are available along with800 Toll Free Numbers providing all office services.

You will have a choice whether to publish your local phone number or a Toll Free one, or use them both for better communication and interaction with your clients.

Get an Advantage for Better Sales, Order taking and Appointment Scheduling

What we offer to you is absolutely new! We are not just ordinary answering service. We are able to provide a detailed questionnaire with all the information needed to operate your customer service. Our members know how to use your information for better sales, appointment settings, solving customers` problems etc. You will feel more protected and secure acepting our offers.

Run Your Business Smoothly

Executive AnsweringTo run business smoothly without any stress and unexpected accidents is the goal of any business owner. You can achieve it if you use our instant notification of messages service 24/7. Our state of the art phone system will send you instant notification of messages. There is a choice to get notifications after each call or within some intervals using email, fax or pager. You can decide which option is more suitable for you. If you are not sure, we can help in making the right decision. It`s really a brilliant solution to have an office for your successful work with a peace of mind that allows you to get away and enjoy your everyday flow of life no matter where you are.


In today`s world the use of voicemail has become a necessity for businessmen. That`s why we offer password protected voicemail box with a toll free number which can be in use for 24 hours a day from any place. In case the callers send messages to your voicemail you will get a notification instantly. You can use our newly advanced system to make your work easier and comfortable. Just take your chance to get it!

Employment Verification

We do all the employment verification procedure. Our call center representatives will answer each call regarding our employees (current and former as well). The callers can get basic information about employment dates and salaries. We do not comment on job performance. This is not our policy.

Use Our Office Addresses

We advise you not to publish your home address on the internet. In case you have only one office, we can help you providing several addresses. Our agents will handle your mail accepting or sending it to you. You can be contacted from any place and at any time using our great services!

We Will Forward Your Mail

We forward all your received mail to you via receipt. No extra fee is needed, but the postage will be your responsibility. Our extra services can include re-mailing items to your customers. That`s why there will be a postmark from our office. If you need immediate information about your mail we can open, scan and email documents on your request.

You Can Rely on Our Service

No matter what kind of business you run we can manage any type and any size of it. Our professional employees will be trained according to your business specifications and demands. Our professionals will get correct information about your services and products in order to meet all your business` needs and wants. Your new staff can include 5-7 employees and if you want you can publish their names on your website.

Your new team will provide the best answering services for you. These specialists and they are usually called customer service representatives. They have won recognition not only in the US but also all over the world. We hire only professionals possessing excellent communicative skills. We employ specialists who are ambitious and energetic people, ready to do their best to achieve our goals. They usually start with the salary of $35,000 per year, which is really much higher than in related companies. According to employees` rating we send them compliment letters. We are sure that our staff does their best to fulfill the office goals.

NOTE: We have a great number of options available for discussion. Contact us now at !

What Can Be Expensive?

  • You lose money missing your customer`s call.
  • It will be expensive not having 800 toll-free numbers that attract more clients.
  • A customer may use a P.O. if your own address is expensive.
  • You do not support a caller`s business who really trusts you!

We know how to protect your customers offering them great suppor of a professional team! You can rely on us 24/7.

If you know how to run a business, you understand that you may earn good profits using our services. We know how to stimulate your business process. To hire one or even two new employees doesn`t mean you will succeed. Let our professionals do their job efficiently for your sake. If you see information above, you will take the advantages of using our services for free! Most our clients trust us and need our help.

We Offer One Week Trial!

Business Executive Answering ServiceWe give one week trial to all the customers to check how useful our services can be. There is no doubt that when you try and check how we can help, you will cooperate with us for years. Most of our clients are satisfied with the help that we give them. We know how to make your business profitable. If you are not satisfied with the services we offer, we will give a complete refund! Though, we are absolutely sure that once you use our answering service, you will be happy about it! Give us a call today at !

Most services charge set up fees, but we don`t. This is not our policy to impose any hidden fees. That`s one more reason why our customers trust us and choose us as their reliable partners. We know how to make our clients happy and successful! You can hardly find any other answering service that can benefit your business like ours!

How You Can Pay

We offer our clients a convenient billing $420.00 per month which includes all services listed above, no extra charge or hidden fees! You will have 500 minutes of incoming calls per month! There will be an additional $1.00 fee per minute for any extra minutes over 500. You may pay for our answering service: on a one month basis, 3 or 6 month interval basis or we will give a discount for a one year basis payment. It is up to you to choose any available payment option. We have referral program that allows you to get all our services for free!

Call us today at to get more information about our service and the benefits of using it.