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Functions of Answering Service

Advanced technologies and efficient services can now replace a full-time receptionist in answering business calls. Many small and medium companies and even big corporations rely on professional support of call centers. Outsourcing your business calls to 24 Answering is substantially cheaper than employing office staff. Moreover,  your virtual secretary will not require any office space, sick days or maternity leave. You shouldn’t worry about how our answering service will get into your business routine. 24 Answering will take care of every detail of our cooperation. Years of experience, properly trained operators and latest software will bring you great success. We always here when you are not available.

24 Answering clients usually choose to divert their existing telephone number to our answering service. We provide each client with an exclusive number, then client’s calls start coming through (they might be diverted) our office. 24 Answering software will identify the client and guide  our operator through client’s specifications. Every call is answered in accordance with clients' instructions. We will greet your  caller in your company’s name and give him/her the required information. Divert function allows any business to be always in control of the answering service. The calls can be diverted at any time. You may choose live answering to take all your calls or only on those occasions when your line is busy. You may decide to use our services in after hours, during the week-ends or holidays. All our accounts are completely customizable and can be adjusted to suit any specific needs.

Diverting your business calls is not a complicated task and it can be completed within minutes. All it takes - several numbers are to be chosen on the main handset to turn it on (you may choose a speed dial for your convinience). Large companies with a complicated switchboard may require telecom provider assistance in order to set up the service. Yet it is usually the only time when the system is configured. 24 Answering will fulfill the rest of the front desk functions. Once the service is set up, all your callers will be directed to our live operators. They will never realize that we are not sitting next door to you. Our operators will answer all your calls paying great attention to every detail.

Diverting function is very popular with our clients, yet  it is obviously not the only way of transferring your calls to the service. E-commerce web sites prefer  using unique telephone number (the one we use for identifying your clients’ calls) as their only contact number advertising it on-line and in printed media. Then all their calls are taken by 24 Answering. In such case, the client is constantly informed about the calls via e-mail or txt message on  mobile phone. Entrusting your business calls to some call center might be a challenging task. Though, those companies cooperating with us for years find it very beneficial. We do all the boring job of answering routine customers’ inquiries, listening to their complaints, taking their orders, scheduling your appointments and you get only pleasant outcome – hot leads, prospective buyers, processed orders.

Contact us to learn more of 24 Answering services functions. Our 24/7 Customer cupport is always there to lead you to success.

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