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Small Business Answering Services

We suggest reliable yet cost effective solution to small businesses. From now on, you can easily compete with huge corporations. You can afford hiring a Customer Support, receptionist and front desk personnel at a very affordable price. Small business answering services make it possible thanks to our innovative technologies and perfectly trained staff.

"I have been using 24 Answering for several months now. I am absolutely convinced 24 Answering was the main reason my practice has grown nearly twice. I have never missed any business call and all the answered calls turned into appointments..." Mark Dickinson, Lawyer

We can handle any calls in your company's name, using any greeting you specify in your personal settings. We will answer questions, collect and analyze information, take orders, set appointments, etc. providing reliable customer service and sales support to the clients of your business. Moreover, you are welcome to customize every aspect of your personal settings.

Perfect answer for small businesses seeking professional answering services

Our advanced phone system allows for immediate notification of all incoming messages. We suggest several options for you to stay tuned with your business. You will get a notification via e-mail, sms or fax after each call ( any intervals of your choice are available). This convenient feature allows running your business in real time, no matter what part of the world you are in. We have clients that have never even walked in their office. Consider how great it might be - travelling the world while your callers believe that you are working hard in your office running a huge company.

That's what we call perfect business - 24 Answering way!

Our services might be extremely useful for nonprofits, government organizations or small businesses with limited budget. Doctors, lawyers, retailers can greatly benefit with our help. We are the best choice for any kind of service companies or Internet shops. We are always available, always there while you may enjoy life.

You shouldn't waste your life on boring phone calls. Try us today and see how much easier your business can be.

Why pay more if professional answering services are so affordable? Learn more about our prices.