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Live Answering Service Integration

No two people are identical. In the same way, no two businesses are the same. Everyone wants to use a unique system of customer support. Everyone is looking for something, which others do not have. This is a part of human nature. The same concerns the situation in business. That is why we work hard to meet the most unusual demands of our business consumers. We at 24 Answering developed customizable answering service systems to make sure that our business partners successfully compete on the market. We assure you that each system is unique. Whenever you choose to copperate with 24 Answering, sign up for our voicemail system. Our qualified call center representatives are real experts in providing the best answering services. Our automated systems always have a guaranteed set of features, which benefit your business and support it in your pursuit of excellence:

  • Local telephone or toll free number: working with 24 Answering, you can have your voicemail based on either a toll free or local telephone number. We have sufficient amount of toll free numbers to choose from; certainly you can get a vanity numbers for yourself;
  • Unified messages: all your messages, including voicemail, fax, email, and live representative ones are transferred to one particular direction;
  • Long message limit: your callers will have enough time to leave a long message;
  • Live operator option: we know that voicemail alone cannot guarantee superior quality of customer support: your callers must always have a choice. Customers can always choose a live operator option, if they do not want to leave a message to your automated voice system;
  • SMS notifications:if you wish, we will send you SMS notifications each time you get a message;
  • Caller ID: Your account will be set to identify callers, so that you can send the most undesired ones to your automated voice system;
  • Immediate activation: we activate your account immediately. You will not wait for a long time!

If you still have doubts, you can always call us to find out more about our voicemail!