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Live Operator Meets Automated Answering Service

Like thousands of customers around the world, 24 Answering believes that live voice is the main factor of customer support success. Our company spent years developing and providing our customers with the best live support options. We know that automation becomes an element of complex customer support operations. However, no customer support is effective without live voice. Statistically, three fourths of clients hang up, once they hear an automated voice. Many others express their dissatisfaction and switch to other suppliers, once they have such an opportunity. Therefore, companies seek to create a reasonable combination of automated and live voice services. That is, they want to provide clients with excellent technical support, backed up by a team of qualified call center representatives.


We know what happens when live operators finally meet an automated answering service: it is a boost of customer satisfaction, followed by increased sales and popularity of business and its brand. We at 24 Answering use both an automated answering service and call center representatives. Our live operators work 24/7/365, to make sure that automation becomes your customers’ main ally. Our service operates like a perfect match of Intelligent Voice Response and live voice. This is one of the best hybrid answering service packages currently available on the market. It iis very convenient for our business partners to use the offerred services. We guarantee that our professionals will give our partners considerable support. Our call center agents are trained to give your customers all necessary information about your company and its products. We use sophisticated technologies. We at 24 Answering pursue quality in everything, and we want to be confident that technologies work for your benefit. That is why we rely on automated answering service options, further combined with live voice. We know that it is the best choice you can make, while performing your customer support operations.

Our packages work in two different ways. First, automated telephone answering is used, giving clients an option to connect to a live operator. Second, agents answer all calls, transferring them to an automated system. Automated telephone answering and our live operators will exceed your customers’ expectations!

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