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Mail Forwarding and Other Virtual Office Services

24 Answering suggests your new local business mailing addressin addition to local telephone number. In certain circumstances your business mail and packages can be forwarded to your real address. Many companies find that their local telephone number should be backed up by a local mailing address to completely satisfy needs of their local customers. This service, suggests numerous features: you can either choose immediate forwarding of your business mail or weekly, biweekly, monthly delivery. We can also scan and notify you of your incoming mail if needed. You can also choose to pick up your mail in-person. Some companies prefer sending their courier for picking up their mail. Why having a local address is important? The psychological aspect is important here since people tend to trust familiar addresses rather than international ones. Somehow the same product offered by the local company is considered trustworthy, but foreign address is always suspicious.

In addition to mail forwarding option and local phone number we present other professional services:

  • 24 Answering Toll Free Telephone Numbers
  • 24 Answering Live Operator Customized Greeting
  • 24 Answering Virtual PBX Voicemail
  • Telephone Directory Placement Service

Virtual Sales Staff

24 Answering virtual office solutions do not simply suggest having local mailing address or local phone number, we present your functional location and offer full-time support for your business. 24 Answering virtual staff can provide a broad range of professional services to your business to make your new mailing address operational:

  • Customer support by your local phone number
  • Appointment scheduling and notification services
  • Order taking and processing
  • Dispatching of urgent calls to you directly

24 Answering suggests services of experienced salespeople. To hire your virtual sales staff you simply set up your account and provide relevant information. Our staff is professionaly trained in customer service skills. They examine your product and its function to become your extended sales department. 24 Answering suggests live receptionists services and special customer care. Our services can be ordered for after hours, on seasonal basis or on full-time basis.

Have you got any questions regarding our services? Considering setting up your Virtual Office?

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