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Outsource Your Business Needs to our Call Center

All businesses want to develop strong relations with customers. Yet, few know how to make it happen. Call center outsourcing presents an excellent solution to many customer relationship problems. It is a unique opportunity to enhance your operations and save your costs. Having a telephone answering service is no longer relevant. Customers want multi-channel access to company information and customer service. They want sophisticated and articulate customer support, which they can easily contact through a variety of communication means, 24/7. This is where call center outsourcing turns into the source of your competitive advantage.

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We offer a variety of answering services and we are inclined to broaden their range and scope to meet the most unexpected business needs. Call center outsourcing gives our clients a number of strong advantages, which no other company offers:

  • Order processing: outsourcing call center operations will let us work with your shopping cart system or develop a customized software platform to enhance order processing and keep your customers satisfied;
  • Helpdesks: call center outsourcing to our company is a cost-effective means to develop efficient, professional, industry-trained and qualified live customer service, 24/7. You will not need extra staff or equipment – we will make around the clock technical support possible and easy!
  • Customer relationship management: our company acts as your business extension. We provide superb customer service, in accordance with your policies and protocols. We follow your interfacing and scripting requirements and use the systems you have in place to exceed customers' expectations.
  • Live chat: our live web chat services let your customers contact us directly. You do not need to spend 24 hours online – outsource call center operations to us, and we will ensure around the clock online availability of your business for customers.
  • Email response: our staff works 24 hours a day to receive emails and send email responses, when you are unable to do it. We follow your script and protocols, to keep your customers confident you are always available for them.
  • Sales support: cooperation with us opens up new lead generation and selling opportunities.

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