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Phone Message Answering

24 Answering Service gives you the opportunity to choose what phone message answering you want. Our live operator can answer your phone according to your desires and preferences. You can choose the voice and the type of greeting (you can give us a sample of your own greeting and we can design it to our service). Usually, companies use our phone answering service for one department and we then act like help desk, customer support, sales office, etc.

Getting and sending messages is a part of our dispatching process. You are also supposed to decide in what time and way you would like to receive your messages. There are various options of phone message answering each of which can be acceptable and prompt:

  • We can send you a text message with the caller's name and telephone number and desired time to call back
  • Hold your messages until you call in for retrieval
  • Live receptionist call can inform you about your message
  • E-mailing alerts, help desk tickets and requests for price to different departments

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Live Answering Service

Live answering service is a leader in customer service industry which keeps path with new technology and automated systems. Many customers want to hear live voice operators instead of voicemail. We realize that and try to do our best to satisfy customers' demands. Your company's image will be much higher if you have professional live answering service. Our well-trained live answering staff will handle each customer's need fast and promptly. We are also capable of providing the following services:

  • Appointment Setting Service: Taking a phone message our operators can schedule appointments to your customers too.
  • Telephone Order Taking: Our agents are taking messages, orders and provide all necessary assistance if necessary.
  • Help Desk Support: Our call center experts can provide help desk support on your demand professionally and efficiently along with taking messages and dispatching them according to your FAQ protocol.

Live Dispatch with Phone Message Answering

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