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Remote Answering Service is Essential to Any Business

24 Answering remote receptionists will easily replace your secretarial staff and for very modest investment you will get 24/7 office services. Our company provides remote answering services to virtually any industry. Your business will get fast and reliable service matching your in-office staff level from our remote location. Our well-trained staff and advanced technologies can handle the largest inbound call volumes. Years of professional experience in the call center industry taught us to apply the best approach to any company. We make your success our success. Our virtual receptionist will manage your the most valuable calls with great proficiency and care. Your every client will become our only client. In addition to general call answering we provide messaging, order taking and processing, appointment scheduling and reminding. Unlimited solutions to any the most demanding client can be developed in a matter of hours by 24 Answering answering service.

24 Answering Remote Answering Service is Always Available

Our live receptionists are available 24/7/365, we never close since our managers make flexible working schedules. So your business will always stay open to your current and potential customers. Remote receptionist will work when you rest. We give you a perfect possibility to extend your business hours to 24 hours presence. Although our staff will manage your calls from a remote location, you callers will get full impression of in-office support. Your business calls will be transferred to our call center once your account is set. And you will have a choice of customizing any feature of it throughout our service.

No business can function properly without a secretary, customer service and sales department. But hiring and training this staff is only a mere beginning of the trouble. Your in-office staff will take days-off, vacations, sick-leaves, etc. while 24 Answering remote receptionists are available around the clock. Not many companies can actually afford having after-hours staff since it does require very substantial expenses. 24 Answering can give a helping hand to any growing business. We provide professional support for companies of any type. We are often hired when the developed business wants to expand its presence on the market.

Reliable 24/7 Answering Service

Every remote answering account is absolutely customizable to your company needs. 24 Answering remote receptionists are industry specialized and can understand any specific requirements. We are very useful for e-commerce stores, since our staff can provide live response to your customers’ questions regarding placing a new order, delivery or settling some urgent issues both during your business hours and after hours. When volume of your business calls increases you often will not be able to answer each call personally. Then 24 Answering live operator will be very handy. You may choose all or any of our numerous remote receptionist features. We present general and specialized services: 24/7 calls answering, setting appointments, transferring urgent calls, answering live chat requests and monitoring your e-mail inbox for important messages.

To learn more about your remote staff get in touch with our live support.

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