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Appointment Reminder Services

Customer Care

Appointment reminder service can automatically retrieve schedule information and leave in a location on an internet-connected server. Our live agents will get client`s first name, 10-digit phone number, date and time of the meeting. We don`t need any confidential information about our customers. We can get information automatically or manually. Our professional live customer support operators can contact your customers in an efficient manner. Pre-recording reminding messages can be played to your customers or their answering machines. We also send reminding messages to your web-site list or as SMS to your phones. It`s up to you what to choose. If your client wants to cancel the meeting it can be done automatically by entering a simple touch-phone response. Our service can be used to satisfy your specific requirements.

Appointment Reminder Service for Your Convenience

Our hi-tech database system has developed voice message broadcasting applications for businesses and their clients. Many professionals rely on appointment scheduling to keep their business ongoing. Many practices require their live operators to call each client to remind about the meeting. Information from your customer database (name, appointment date, time, location, etc) can be included in the voice broadcasting reminders. Our service is provided to meet the specific requirements of your clients.

Professional Live Customer Support Operators Provide Automated Appointment Reminder Service

We can provide our appointment reminder service using our web-based interface. It can be done by making reminder calls concerning all your upcoming events. We recommend sending reminder 1 or 2 days before the customer`s meeting. At the required time your customer will receive a call from our live operator. At the end of the day you will receive an e-mail report about the calls. These reports are emailed daily and are always available on the web site.

Note: Contact our customer care center to learn more about our voice reminder services including calling ones.

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Benefits of Appointment Reminder Services

Our effective service reduces expenses on the reminding process as well as saving your time. Our live representatives are always available to give considerable customer support. The flexible way of reminding services gives you the chance to determine when your  reminders are delivered, what kind of message is played, and what number is shown on the customer`s caller ID.

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Do not hesitate to use appointment reminder service because it is the great way to qualify your business. It`s not surprising that in our hi-speed business world we can forget about some important things. Our live customer support operators are available 24/7 providing valuable reminder services. It is a great way to keep you and your business in touch with us. We will help you organize a telephone conference and organize meetings which you will never miss. Owing to our phone systems, we can contact your clients fast and professionally manner. Our professional live agent receives your calls and sends messages whenever it is convenient for you.

Appointment reminders save your time and allow you to focus on more important tasks.