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Lead Capture Services

'Lead capture' may sound unusual but it actually means capturing (obtaining) the contact information about your prospective customers. Capturing leads should not be underestimated, it is probably one of the most important elements of your business web-site. 24 Answering can transform any business into one of those success stories we all like reading about.

24 Answering can increase sales providing a variety of lead capture services. 24 Answering experts know well that when the phone rings, there is always an opportunity to attract new customers. Every opportunity should be grabbed immediately. We will help you take an advantage of each potential lead. Variety of advanced tools will turn each telephone inquiry into a sales ready lead. Lead capture services will help you achieve good marketing results.

Live Operator VS Robots

Numerous research results showed that regular callers are likely to leave a message with a live operator three times than with your voicemail or answering machine. If you cooperate with our agents, you will not miss any call. With us your leads capturing is in the good hands. The presence of a live receptionist will take attention of each and every prospective client. Customers are not obliged to call your company during those hours that are convenient for you. If you don’t provide a live operator service for your clients 24/7, you will surely lose potential leads. Your prospective customers can find your business advertisement in a paper, on TV, on the Internet, or simply hear about your company from a friend. If you are not there to convert this hot lead into a sale you, will lose this opportunity. What is more your competitor will find one.

In addition to live operator, lead capture services we can provide other call center services. We can assist you with:

  • Responding to your customer surveys and questionnaires
  • Using up-selling and cross-selling techniques to increase your sales
  • Taking and processing orders and payments for your business
  • Following your FAQ section with around the clock customer service

Live Call Transferring

Our virtual receptionist will not only capture leads, but bring them into the proper hands immediately when transferring your calls to your office. Live call transferring can connect your clients with the required departments of your agency. Working with us, you will have plenty of opportunities to attract more new customers. Each answering service account is setup following your clear instructions. 24 Answering is very useful for various businesses. We can access your online calendar to fill in available slots or schedule an appointment for your. 24 Answering call center agents capture your leads providing all answers and resources you would. We will help your business grow and prosper. We will respond to your customer requests following your customized instructions or transfer the hot call or lead to you live representative.

Leads Message Delivery

In addition to lead capturing services, you may choose an option of delivering your message via sms or e-mail. Our effective cooperation will bring you success. You will know about every lead as soon as it comes. All message services are completely customizable.

Various companies find lead capture services very beneficial. 24 Answering call center agents always monitor your telephone lines to turn your calls into hot leads.

Contact us today to learn how lead capturing services can expand your business.