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Answering Service Business

24 Answering is an experienced provider of business answering service inside the United States as well as outside the country. Many international companies are looking for American call center systems to represent their business with friendly greeting provided by a real American live phone answering staff. That's because the United States is one of the most powerful industrial countries in the world and English language has become a truly international means of communication. All international businesses use English providing their call center assistance. We are available to represent any type of business professionally. The main goal of business answering service is to provide you with professional help and excellent customer service.

Our Business Answering Service Is Essential Part of any Company

No matter what size of business you are in, we can help your company grow to become a large and powerful one. As we are established according to your company's needs and demands, we are working adhering to your company's directions and aims. Due to years of experience, we know that we can help our customer in a proper manner and they all are really thankful to us. Our phone answering service with live voice operators, technology and automated systems is an essential part of their business. We can give you professional assistance since:

  • 24/7 answering service is available to represent your business round-the-clock at weekends, during holidays and after hours.
  • Providing you with our toll-free numbers we guarantee your better presentation and respect.
  • We provide both business answering service and call center service giving support in appointment scheduling, order taking, monitoring and managing calls, dispatching and more.
  • Using our answering service software and live phone answering staff you can save your money since you do not have to hire your own staff and install your software.
  • Our fully customizable account structure attracts our clients. Our phone answering operators handle all calls and messages according to your script and protocol.


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