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Overflow Answering Service

In previous years, 24 Answering receptionist answering service was usually hired for emergency after hours calls. Medical services and practitioners, insurance companies, and many others usually outsourced their weekends, holidays, extended hours calls to our service. Advanced technologies have changed the general idea of modern business. Since many employees are now telecommuting, 24 Answering is a perfect solution for 24/7 office services. Our virtual staff can become your overflow receptionist, customer support, or sales department.

24 Answering IT department has created numerous templates that can suit any industry. 24 Answering presents countless options of answering services. We will program your phone lines in such a way that your calls will be routed to our answering service after the certain number of rings. Or you can transfer your calls during lunch hours or after hours. Yet, many companies find that 24/7 live operator service is the most beneficial. It can become the ideal solution for your business.

Options of Overflow Answering Services

Telephone companies suggest various features for transferring calls.

  • Busy Call Forwarding: this feature will transfer inbound calls to specified phone number. Please note, when your phone line is not engaged and the call is taken within the set number of rings, no automated forwarding is foreseen.
  • No Answer Call Forwarding: all inbound calls will be transferred to specified phone number if your call is not taken within certain number of rings. This automated feature is not used if your staff answers the phone.

Most companies find that the best way of transferring their calls is using the overflow answering services instead of a voicemail. Although a voicemail is cheaper, it certainly can not give any personal touch of live communication and most callers hang up.

Overflow Answering Services

Overflow Answering Services Capture Leads

24 Answering overflow answering services are the best way of capturing leads, taking messages, and making appointments. No voicemail can possibly provide these services. Voicemail often results in a failure. According to the latest researches, about 80% of callers never leave any messages with answering machines. They simply do not believe that their personal information can be stored in some automated system.

Overflow Answering Service Is the Ideal Solution for Your Business!

Losing your customers because of missed calls is not an option for any respected business. It is highly unlikely that your reputation earned over years of loyal service worth few hundreds dollars you can save on live answering. Our price is very reasonable. Even low-budget companies can afford hiring 24/7 overflow answering services. We suggest a number of options to choose from and you can always customize any aspect of our live service. The services that we provide are the ideal solution for your business.

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