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Telephone Answering Service and Business Phone

24 Answering spent years to develop a unique telephone answering service, which meets changeable demands of business performance, protects business reputation and enhances brand image. We at 24 Answering are the best and the most competitive in our market niche. We not only answer your telephone but also make it in compliance with your requirements. We always believed that customer desires are the main criteria of excellence in call center business. We always relied on Crosby’s four absolutes of quality management, which claim that superior quality is essentially about meeting customer requirements. Taking it into account, we work to answer your calls professionally. We consider your recommendations and suggestions. We use your advice to meet your expectations.

Innovation is one of the determining features of our competitiveness in the call center industry. 24 Answering offers telephone answering service that is a better alternative to using in-house secretaries. Our nationwide answering services expand your market coverage through a complex network of technically advanced business call center around the country. We have extensive experience in numerous fields, including:

  • Remote receptionist for your business: we offer around-the-clock virtual receptionist support. Your customers will never guess they are talking to an offsite representative;
  • Telephone answering services: our professional nationwide call center operator will represent your company on the phone;
  • Dispatch & Message Services: we follow your policies while delivering important messages and making phone calls;
  • Appointment setting: our representatives will schedule your appointments;
  • Medical answering: our live operators are trained to work in collaboration with physician offices and medical professionals, to answer their calls and provide clients with medical advice.

Our Telephone Answering Service Philosophy

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages from using our telephone answering service. Answering the telephone is no longer a problem. It will no longer distract you from important business meetings. It will no longer burden you during your work day. Telephones answering themselves are nothing but a myth. These mythological devices can become a huge business mistake. You definitely need qualified support of a technically advanced business call center. Contact us now to find out more!!

Telephone Answering Service