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Live Operator Answering Service

24 Answering presents live operator answering services available 24/7/365. No newest software can possibly replace a live voice on the phone. Your voicemail can be smart to give your callers some information, but can it answer urgent questions in a friendly and professional manner according to your protocol? Can your answering machine become full-time extension of your office and take orders from your customers? 24 Answering live operator service is not that much expensive as your automated service, but it offers a wide variety of options that are not possible without our professional live support operators.

Live Operator Answering Services Are Beyond Simple Live Answering

Individual attention to every customer is important. When your potential buyers see that you care about your callers, they will more likely buy from you than some completely automated system. During the years of loyal service provided to our customers we evolved from basic answering service to complex business solution. Thus, our live operator answering services include:

  • Inbound Telemarketing Services: 24 Answering live operators can provide complete sales assistance, from lead generation to leads qualifying to turn your callers into customers.
  • Order Taking Services: our professional live support operators can enter your customers' orders directly into your online system. Instead of transferring every order to you we can provide complete service.
  • Appointment Taking Services: we can use your interface to schedule your appointments or we can create a new web enabled interface accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • 24 Answering Voicemail: voicemail is still essential for complex call scripts, we can add a voicemail to our live operator answering services. This option will save your money on general inquiries. Yet, will still leave the option of urgent inquiries being answered by a live operator.
  • 24 Answering IVR: Interactive Voice Response can be set up with a series of prompts, it can be connected to any Oracle or SQL database you use for your data.
  • Registration Services: your reservations, meetings, RSVP, events can also be taken by 24 Answering live operators. Your payments can be processed, attendees information collected as optional features.
live operator answering service

Contact our Live Support for more details of live operator services. We are always ready to develop a special pricing plan to fit your budget!