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Inbound Answering Service

US business usually operates 40 hours per week. Your company is usually open from 9am to 5pm. It means that for 15 hours a day no one answers your business calls. How is that? It is easy to count if you think about it.

Not every company should be available 24/7, it is highly unlikely that someone would need any urgent advice on buying groceries at night. But if your business is about urgent matters, than you definitely need live answering service to manage your calls. Many doctors, medical offices, insurance companies, plumbers and other services hire our live operators for 24/7 support. It often happens that you are needed the most during extended hours, week-ends or holidays when your office is closed but your callers still need urgent assistance. Our 24/7 inbound answering service can help your business at any time.

24/7 inbound answering service

Reliable 24/7 Inbound Answering Service

Reliable 24/7 inbound answering service starts from the staff. 24 Answering hires our live operators after careful screening of applications and thorough testing. Our virtual office live operators are well-spoken and friendly. They have excellent backgrounds, we train them according to the industry specialization to understand the needs of your business better. We have created several departments that specialize in the most popular industries. We invest heavily in the latest technologies to provide reliable service and our IT department develops individual accounts according to the latest standards of the industry:

  • 24 Answering Virtual Office: 24 Answering live operators can run your office without having any real time office, a toll free number will be assigned to your account and your inbound calls will be transferred directly to our live operators. They can provide a full range of office services, including 24/7 inbound answering service.
  • Order Processing Services: order entry, processing and follow-up services are offered for ecommerce websites. 24 Answering virtual office live operators can provide 24/7 professional assistance with your inbound calls and answer any questions of your callers according to your protocol.
  • Industry Specialized Answering Service: every account suggests several options of choice to suit even the most demanding client. All the options are completely customizable.

Contact our Live Support for any additional information or pricing quote of our inbound answering services!