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You Need a Live Service

Despite the fact that the modern technologies often replace numerous staff, your business still needs a live answering service. Why is live service the best solution? According to the latest data of the marketing research, automated answering systems are rejected by most callers. Not many customers wish to listen to a long list of options. Many customers said that they hate the most when they get lost among all the options and can't even find what they were looking for. Talking to a live operator is often preferable since only compassionate friendly voice brings immediate relief, even if the solution to the problem has to wait. Even the most sophisticated automated system is only a dead machine that can irritate and frustrate.

24 Answering live answering service is offered for small companies and sole entrepreneurs, but we are very successful in customized service for big corporations. 24 Answering call center has every possibility to offer quality answering services. Your callers will certainly not like to be put on hold, they would rather be connected to live customer support agents who can take a message for you. Those calls that require your immediate attention will be dispatched to the specified number. You will choose all the settings when customizing your account.

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Why Choose Live Answering Service?

24 Answering live customer support agents are trained to provide not only simple answering, but many additional services. They can:

Why do people bother to call to your company? Usually they need some information to make a decision about purchasing, some prompt advice or urgent assistance. What can be more frustrating than a robot? Live operators do their best to bring the desired relief and help. 24 Answering skilled operators are trained to capture leads, support your professional image and give your company a distinct edge over your competitors. 24 Answering live operators are available 24/7/365 since we have several departments and our operators work in shifts. Our live answering service is a reliable tool for successful business. And the best part is that professional live service is not much more expensive than a voicemail.

Our Live Support is always available to answer your questions or to assist with setting up your account!