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The Ultimate Order Taking Service

All businesses are operating to succeed. Success is the ultimate goal of our order taking service too. There are many ingredients and combinations of tools that are needed to succeed. 24 Answering realizes that and treat every customer's call with care and respect while handling order taking process. If order taking service is properly organized - each customer's call can be turned into a sale. If you wish to get success, you have to take into consideration your staff abilities and their level of professionalism, your up-to–date hardware and software, programs and implementation. Only the combination of these factors can lead your company to success and improve your reputation and company's brand. 24 Answering doesn't neglect any detail in the ultimate order taking service by providing the following features:

  • Monitoring
  • FAQ Script Integration
  • Web Based Order Taking System
  • Operator Bonus Incentive
  • Agent Interface
  • Simplified Step by Step Platform
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling Software

Our Unique Staffing Order

24 Answering provides unique approach to the order taking process using different methods and tools. The goal of each marketing campaign is to get orders for products or services. The ultimate order taking service, if properly organized, helps to keep the process of ordering in constant progress. Our call center operators intend to turn each customer's call into order attracting them by professional communication skills. They know how to answer the call, how to attract callers keeping them for future and present orders. They have positive attitude to life and work. Their positive energy and efforts persuade clients to place orders. Our order taking experts find solution for any arising question in any situation that may occur. They keep learning and getting new information from related businesses. We can be proud of our reliable staff that is making a good job for us and our clients. Your company will get only profits hiring our virtual office professionals for your company's welfare. We are able to help various types of businesses maximize their results. 

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