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Virtual Office Service

Renting an office, hiring in-office staff, paying utilities – you have to constantly spend a huge sum of money on accommodating your basic business needs. 24 Answering gives you a quality alternative to unreasonable expenses. Start using virtual office services to create professional image of your business without actually spending thousands on your own office. Your new virtual office will give your business callers perfect impression of large office with sales department, full time support staff and receptionists managing your calls.

Running Business Does not have to be a Burden with the Help of Virtual Office service

24 Answering virtual office services offer a perfect solution for running your business easier. Affordable price for creating professional image of a big company, does it get any better? 24 Answering virtual office is a great choice for the small business, sole entrepreneurs, or large company. You can get full time support staff for very reasonable price. Every account is absolutely customizable, but the best part is that our virtual office is perfectly suitable even for small budget so any business or individual can now employ professional answering staff. Furthermore, 24 Answering virtual office is not only an answering service, we combine call center solutions with professional customer support and add automated customized services to make sure we cover all the aspects of your business needs.

Consider the following features:

  • 24 Answering Call Center: 24 Answering call center offers outbound and inbound telemarketing, order taking and processing, appointment setting and reminding, up selling and cross-selling, etc.
  • 24 Answerings: 24 Answering live operators will represent your business in courteous and professional manner each time your telephone rings. In addition to general answering, they can take your messages, dispatch your urgent calls, and provide any services of in-office receptionist.
  • 24 Answering Customer Support: 24 Answering live operators are trained to provide professional customer support. We suggest optional opportunities including customer help desk, question answering and complicated services like emergency help and immediate relief services.
  • 24 Answering Automated Services: 24 Answering virtual office is equipped with IVR services, e-mail response, live chat, click to call services, and numerous other options of automated response services.

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