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Web Based Order Taking Call Center

Our web based order taking center can be a great solution for your business. Using our software we can access your website where our call center operators can process your orders on your behalf. We shall be integrated into your web system giving you professional support 24/7. We know how to transfer your calls to buyers communicating with your customers over the phone and giving them detailed answers to any questions about your products. We realize that each call leads to the ability to sell your products and achieve your company`s goal that is to increase revenues. Our professionals realize the importance of customer assistance in the process of order taking. We manage cross selling and up selling on your behalf with producing the best results for your company`s wellbeing.

We can take a big amount of orders from your clients. Our call center experts will assist you in taking orders concerning any product whether it is up selling or cross selling. Our professional experts are well-trained to provide high quality services to your clients. They know how to represent your company and strengthen its brand. If you need to boost sales, our professional staff will help you.. We are always available 24/7. We can assist your business providing related services that are also effective and essential in order taking process:

  1. Consolidating Your Outsourcing: If you want to use our web based call center effectively let our operators use your e-commerce platform to place orders directly on your website. We use a web call center which is integrated with your system that gives us an opportunity to work effectively.
  2. Customer Service Management: Any business can fail without having this option. We realize that providing our great management support using online ticketing or escalation customer system.
  3. Answering FAQ Questions: We assist your customers giving answers to their questions on your website as well as any kind of information concerning order taking.

If you are ready to learn more about our web based order taking call center, contact us today at .

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