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What Our Answering Service Can Do for You

24 Answering specializes in providing different types of services for various industries. 24 Answering has won recognition of an established and reliable company that can uses various types of communication channels, such as click to call services, live web chat, instant messaging services, online appointment scheduling and others. Regardless what type of communication you need we can handle them professionally. Our answering service operators can answer inbound and outbound telephone calls, make up-selling and cross-selling, order processing, incorporate into any type of volume account. We work nationwide and across Canada following your instructions. If you need professional help with answering your calls, address ouur experts. We provide high quality services to satisfy your specific needs.

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We Can Offer Some Extra Services

No matter what type of business you are in: whether it's a new small business or a large established corporation you may need some extra services such as emergency or crisis hotlines, etc. Emergencies are usually unexpected, though don’t occur often. In case an emergency happens we use special tools and methods to provide efficient emergency answering service. Once an emergency happens there can be a large amount of inbound calls. No call will be missed or lost with our call center operators. We offer professional customer support and management of the whole answering process.

24 Answering is a nationwide leader in answering service industry with excellent reputation and brand. We guarantee to provide considerable assistance for any type of businesse at a professional level.

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