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Our Expertise

Outsourcing your business calls to 24 Answering answering service is one of the greatest decisions to be made. We can give your business perfect answering solutions, perfect in regards of money and outcome. For small business owners, 24 Answering can offer professional 24/7 live answering services to ensure you will no longer miss a single business opportunity. We will project your professional company image. When your calls are managed by 24 Answering you can concentrate on your core business and stop worrying about losing potential or current customers. When your customers cannot reach you having some inquiries or complaints they will most likely choose someone available.

Why would you want to assist your competitors?

Big companies will greatly benefit from 24 Answering extensive investments in latest technology, methodologies and personnel. Our expertise and very affordable cost of services are perfect reasons to chose us over in-house solutions.

24 Answerings can benefit your business. With us you will:

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Improve Your Customer Service
  • Retain Your Current Customers
  • Enhance Your Business Productivity
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Get Time to Focus on Your Core Business

All 24 Answering accounts are customizable and can be configured to exact client's specifications. Your incoming calls will be answered using your pre-chosen opening phrase. They will be processed according to your instructions. Different types of other services are available. Certain incoming calls may require your business information to be provided to your callers. Other calls may simply require relaying information, e.g. your business address, directions to your nearest location or giving detailed information on the services you provide.

24 Answering willl give you the best

  • Prompt and courteous business calls answering
  • Professional live operators managing your routine and urgent calls
  • Your calls are answered exactly to your guidelines
  • Reliable dispatching and screening of your business calls
  • Live call transferring to the person in charge
  • Customized business call transferring based on individual requirements
  • Your Current status updates (“Mr. or Mrs. Brown is not available right now…”)
  • Voicemail options for routine issues

During the set-up process of your account, we ask for specific information regarding your products or services. We also collect general information about the business. It might include your company address, your business phone and fax numbers, web site address and exact directions to your locations.

24 Answering hiring and training methodologies guarantee that only professional operators will answer your calls. Our potential employees first go through computerized test to properly assess their skills. We test typing speed, spelling, grammar and comprehension. Once the best candidates are chosen, they are interviewed by our HR department which focuses on their communication skills and attitude.

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24 Answering Live Support is always available for any additional information or opening your account.

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