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Our Flexibility

Most companies develop very special relationship with their answering services. Managing business calls can result in growth of your business, increasing sales, improving communication with your clients. Yet only well-trained and qualified employees can handle such workload. You business might not have resources, both financial and human, to run 24/7, but 24 Answering never sleeps, we suggest numerous customizable options to suit any company. That is the main reason why so many customers choose us.

Originally 24 Answerings was mostly taking messages for our clients after regular working hours, on week-ends, holidays or during vacations. Most of our clients used to be medical or law professionals, those who hired our answering service to manage their emergency calls. 24 Answering received calls that were transferred from our clients' business line. Then all the calls were handled according to our clients' demands. Important or urgent calls were promptly patched through to a specified phone number. And all the rest of the callers were advised to call to the office of our client on his return. We still provide this option in our packages but time has changed so did we.

Nowadays 24 Answering gives much more advanced services since the whole idea of answering service has changed

Most of your routine incoming calls can be transferred to professional virtual receptionist specifically trained to understand your business needs. In addition to after-hours answering we give full-time support, seasonal services, etc. Every account has numerous features that can assist your business with any office work. For example, your sales orders can be taken with a help of a customized computer program referring to your catalog of services or products.

24 Answering can make small companies look larger. 24 Answering staff can even be included in the list of your company's employees. Now you don't have to hire additional sales agents or receptionists. Your small company can suggest your callers to talk to 'Lisa or Greg' via your toll free number. Your customers will not even realize that Lisa or Greg are working for 24 Answerings. Our live operators are thoroughly trained to represent your company according to your instructions. We are absolutely flexible as to any setting of your account. Moreover, all the options can be changed at any time of our cooperation.

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Call centers are very different in price and flexibility. Some phone answering services will charge a very modest amount of few dollars a month, but no one will care to learn any information about your business before answering your phone calls. Only truly professional agencies can customize its accounts to particular needs of the client. We not only adjust our plans to your needs but provide relevant training sessions before assigning our live operators to take over your phone line. 24 Answering service can provide everything your business needs: from phone messaging to dispatching your calls, from leads generation to phone sales, from customer support to appointment taking. We give you professional answering services at a very affordable price.

We are not the cheapest in the industry but we charge very reasonable price for top quality services.

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