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Our Quality

24 Answering realizes that to get success and achieve business program objectives performance and assurance are vital processes. Answering Service employees are working on improving the quality assurance in order to make it clearly defined to each customer. Our goal is to make it clear, understood and approved by our staff and your clients.

24 Answering hires only professionally-oriented people with leadership qualities and then keep training and educating them for better achievements. Working with our team your customers will realize that we are accurate and reliable.

To check quality rate our management quality assurance evaluate our work through regular reporting. Quality standards are protected and are valued by checks and balances.

It's a 24 Answering's rule to make consistent reports that has become our baseline standard for quality measurement. To improve work standards we make immediate feedback after each monitoring. That could include personal development training and retraining, participation in training classes and focus groups, occasional call handling and monitoring sessions and web forums.

Call Monitoring and Recording

24 Answering technology requires customers' ultimate backup. Using different technologies in Answering Service industry our clients must realize that telephone transactions could be more complicated, especially for the beginners.

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Our system helps to operate each inbound call between agent and caller. These calls are stored as WAV files, then accessed with database lookup and if needed played on a computer that has sound equipment. The calls may be reviewed, attached to an email as any file and forwarded to the customers. That gives the insurance that each customer and his call is protected and cared by our personnel.That could also be the proof that any call has occurred in specified time.

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