Though 24 Answering Answering Service offers various kinds of order taking service live order taking is the most popular one. That is not surprising. People like live interaction. That is actually the only way when they can trust their money to make a purchase. Still there are a lot of those who trust automated services. We are dealing with different businesses that are selling their products and services through ecommerce websites, television infomercial or catalogs and need 24 hour assistance of live order taking operator. Our professional live order taking representatives stay active 24/7 ready to take calls, answer customers` questions and take orders. Your customers will feel themselves secure and protected while interacting with our operators.

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We are well experienced in live order taking service and had won recognition and respect of our customers. Our order taking staff is highly professional agents with perfect communicative and personal skills. We can insure customers that with us they can have the best solution for their business and increase their sales. Whatever your order taking demands are we know the solution. Stay with our live order call center 24 hours a day and you will get satisfaction fro order taking process and interaction with our friendly staff.

How We Work

There are two versions how our live order taking service works:

  • Through Your Website: We are taking orders directly on your website or ecommerce portal by login to your web order taking system. Our operators can use your own software platform to place customers` orders on your behalf. So you will always know the information about your orders and can check it any time.
  • Through Our Online Sales System: In case you don`t have your own website where our operators can take orders, we can set up a secure portal where we can have access to take your orders. This website portal will show all the necessary information including FAQ information. We can manage the process of order taking even make payments with clients` credit cards.

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Reliable answering service at a reasonable price