24 Answering provides HIPAA answering service for the medical community according to the regulations of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Due to this Act we ensure customers  that patients' privacy and the security of their files is respected and protected by law. We have been providing these services for the medical community for several years and our customers trust and respect us. We are proud of our medical answering services. Professional care and confidentiality is our law. Our HIPAA answering service operators maintain the highest level of healthcare concern and provide the latest updates. We follow your regulations training our staff.

24 Answering data and communications are adapted to your recovery and disaster security systems. Our experts constantly make updates and improve our technological and automated systems to be sure they work effectively according to HIPAA regulations. We provide the best answering services for the medical community nationwide 24/7.

Our Professional Operators Work for Your Success

24 Answering hires and trains only highly professional employees who can provide excellent HIPAA answering service. They possess remarkable professional, personal, communication skills and are always ready to assist customers in a proper manner. Providing the best services for the medical community we offer the following:

  • After-hours message taking: In case your customers need our care during after-office hours, we are available to answer their calls and take messages.
  • Emergency Call Dispatch: When emergency call is coming our operators are ready to answer it according to your emergency protocol, transferring that call to you or one of your team members.
  • Overflow service: We can provide full-time or part-time answering services. If all of your lines are busy you can rely on our professional assistance.
  • Appointment Setting: We can schedule your appointments according to your date book 24/7. If any notes or changes are needed our operators will do that for you.

Demand the Best for Your Patients with HIPAA Answering Service

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