24 Answering hospice answering service agents take urgent calls at any time. We provide full-time or after-hours telephone support when customers have urgent and emergency calls. We understand that it is very important to provide clients with efficient hospice and healthcare answering service when they need us in urgent situations. We hire and train employees that can be dedicated to work with patients and apply the specific approach to their job. We work on your behalf according to your instructions. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable operators who assist clients in inbound and outbound calls, manage and dispatch messages and more.

People calling your call center need to be treated with great patience and care. These delicate situations are handled with our professionals: no call will be missed. There are very few answering service companies which offer an excellent hospice answering service. As 24 Answering specializes in providing different types of services we guarantee high quality and professionalism while providing our services for the customers.


Hospice care industry deals with patients who need support during last days of their life. They don`t need treatment any more. The goal of hospice is to give comfort and support to people in the last days of their life. 24 Answering service provides the following support for the customers with dignity and respect. This is rather specific and delicate types of services and our staff must be ready to handle any complicated situation that may occur. It`s not easy to communicate with people who know that their life is coming to an end.

The most important features of our staff are compassion, courtesy and understanding. Our operators know how to handle that. They answer each customer`s call professionally. Hospice answering service requires the following features:

  • Knowledge: We guarantee that our operators are well-trained.
  • Compassion: We understand the feelings of our callers. All our representatives are polite and compassionate.
  • Professionalism: An operator must have certain experience in working for hospice industry as it is a specific and not simple task to support customers in their situations.

Good manners are of great importance when dealing with callers.

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