24 Answering offers a wide variety of order taking services and has a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy company. Our partners and customers trust us and use our services for years. Web based order taking services can be provided in two ways:

  • Order Taking Using Our System: Not all companies have their own web based order taking systems that can be used by our staff. You can use our system that we already have in our software. Our agents will access your secure online forms to communicate with your clients on your behalf following your guidelines. We can communicate with your customers and send information to you through a secure channel. We can also process payments by credit cards.
  • Order Taking Using Your System: If you give us an access to your software, where you already have your own order taking system, we can integrate with you taking orders from your clients. We`ll place orders directly into your system using your ecommerce platform. You can check everything simply logging in your website page. No password or URL is needed to see your orders. You an monitor and upgrade information wherever you like.

Our Staff

24 Answering is focused on its experienced specialists that provide superior services. No business can achieve its goal if there is no well trained professional specialists. We much care about that. We spare neither trouble nor expence to train our employees according to your instructions and protocols. To manage order taking process our operators are trained in cross selling, up selling, troubleshooting, and more. Our agents will represent your company to your clients in the best way. We give additional information to your customers about your company and products even if there is no cross selling or up selling.

We are available 24/7 to provide web based order taking services for our customers.

Customer reviews

Reliable answering service at a reasonable price