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Company Profile

Competitive professional level is the goal of our young prospective enterprise

company profile and competitive professional levelIn the global world of business, needs and demands of clients change very quickly. 24 Answering is available to handle those changes and knows how to serve our clients. We work with different industries in different fields. Our experience is rich and our employees have competitive professional levels, thus, we can offer a lot of services. 24 Answering`s founders began their business in telecommunication and we are adapted to work with the people who are in need of our services with our ever-increasing abilities. We started our telecommunication business from simple answering call centers and voicemail that is also used widely today because of its recognition by the customers. People often prefer traditional ways of communication. But we also offer modern technologies using web chat, email and multi-channel contact. 24 Answering`s customer care has grown tremendously last years and gets recognition in the nation-wide market.

Competitive professional level makes us unique

People make the difference and we really realize that our people are highly professional, well-trained, specially educated ambitious and talented people who always available to meet the needs and demands of clients. It attracts most of our customers daily, weekly and monthly. 24 Answering`s entire team is focused on professional skills and results and has competitive professional level. Our goal is to be your partner and seamless extension of your company and provide the best services to you. Starting from Business Support Associates to managers and supervisors we are doing one work-improve your business!

The competitive professional level of our management helps our people to work better for you

24 Answering`s goal is to bring satisfaction to its staff. We know that people are working in certain conditions. If they feel secure and happy at their work they could do their best. Our management system is doing best to give benefits, compensations flexibility and ability for their self-compensation for our staff. As a result, they really appreciate this giving the best results in return and showing competitive professional levels.

Innovations improve our work and help us to get to the new competitive professional levels

To be open for business means to be available 24/7/365. Our innovations serve to make our customer care more effective and efficient. Many people are addicted to new technologies. They want to be on web chats with you, get and send emails, see your advertisements online and more. Our innovative team can stay always in contact with our customers and solve any problem they wish.

Our employees who have competitive professional levels find more ways for sustainability

24 Answering takes care of many problems that arise in everyday life. One of them is sustainability. We think about reducing our impact on the environment. Due to the electronic devices we keep all our data in computers. It makes our office empty from paper work and leaves enough space for working in a comfortable environment. Many of our staff is remote, they prefer to work at home in a quite environment without noise and traffic problems. We really appreciate that and give every possible choice to our employee.

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