24 Answering is dedicated to creating a business identity that your existing and prospective clients will love. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. This section will help you to get a better idea of what our services are.

How do I get a pricing quote for my business?

You can always check our base rates at the prices page. Obviously, the prices vary depending upon the nature of your business environment as it consequently defines the nature of interactions with your prospective and existing customers. In case you want to know how much our services will cost, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us en email. After asking you few questions, we will be able to analyze your business environment and provide you with a specific price for the requested services.

You offer both dedicated and shared agents. What’s the difference?

There is a significant difference between dedicated and shared environments. It all depends on what you are really looking for and what your business needs are in terms of phone answering. Dedicated agents focus entirely on your company or product line. Consequently, dedicated agents have a deeper knowledge of the company/product line, which allows them to effectively sell goods that are usually hard to sell (usually those that are expensive ones). On the other hand, shared agents answer calls on behalf of a variety of companies. If you need our representatives to answer basic questions only or sell inexpensive products, shared agents seem to be a better option. Before you make up your mind to choose between a dedicated and shared environment, you may set the tasks you want our agents to manage.

What your agents will respond to customers' requests?

Our agents will answer your calls in accordance with your instructions and specifications. You decide what you want our agents to answer and how you want to follow up the calls. As soon as you provide necessary information about your business as well as your instructions, it will be saved in our computerized call center system. From that moment on when someone calls you, our agents will have your company’s information displayed on their monitors. This way our agents and operators will always be able to meet the needs of callers.

If I order your answering services, can I somehow measure your agents’ performance?

When your potential and existing clients call you, they won’t even know that their calls are redirected to 24 Answering to be answered by our agents. We understand that in such cases we are responsible for representing your company in the best way by providing friendly customer service and support. You, as our customer, have all rights to make sure that our agents carry out their tasks in a professional manner since this is actually what you pay for. For this reason, we have decided to enable our customers to control our agents’ performance by receiving reports concerning the duration of conversations, agents’ actions to follow-up calls, live chat scripts, etc. They will also give important information to customer interaction analytics. The reports will become available right after you start using our services. You will be able to check them at any time.

When do your agents place my callers on hold?

If you choose a dedicated environment, then we will never place your callers on hold. In a shared environment, it may happen due to the fact that our agents may be busy answering other calls. However, we have never had such situations before. We carefully plan the schedule of our agents and their workload. If we place one of your callers on hold and he/she hangs up the phone while waiting, we will call back such person to apologize and provide necessary assistance.

Do I need a separate call forwarding number for every office location?

You don’t need a separate call forwarding number for each office location. Our system allows sharing your call forwarding number for multiple office locations. You can actually integrate all of your lines into one гтше. On the other hand, if you want to track your calls, we recommend having a separate call forwarding number for every office location. We can customize our system to effectively meet your clients' needs in compliance with your requirements.

Can you transfer certain calls to my phone number?

We can transfer any calls to any line on your request. For example, if you want to manage the deals made with specific customers on your own, you can request to transfer such calls to your cell. In other words, you tell us in what cases you want the calls to be transferred and which number you want them to be transferred to. We will do everything in the best way.

What if you have an unexpected amount of calls that you cannot handle?

First and foremost, we constantly monitor the number of calls in order to arrange the schedule of our agents so that they could answer all calls. In case there is a need for more agents to work, we always have back up ones that are ready to start working from their home stations within 5-15 minutes. Even if we have a huge number of calls, we will be able to answer them.

Any extra fees for weekends or holidays?

We never charge extra fees for calls answered on weekends, holidays or other times. One of our main priorities is an affordable price. It doesn’t change.

A toll free number: Can I have one and how does it work?

A toll free number is a great way to demonstrate how much you care about your clients. With 24 Answering you can have an exclusive 800 phone number. People usually wonder if a toll free number requires the installation of an additional line. The answer is “no”. There is no need for any exclusive line. All your toll free number calls will be directed to our service and professionally answered by our representatives at 24 Answering virtual office. It doesn’t cost much, but it surely help your business grow.

Can I use a toll free number I already own with 24 Answering?

If you do owna toll free number, you can simply hire our professionals to answer all of your incoming calls. You may also continue using your current phone company if you wish, while our staff is answering your calls. If you have to enter a pin code to access your toll free number, then it belongs to an answering service and we cannot redirect calls from such number.

Is it OK to advertise the toll free number assigned to my account?

Sure. We don’t charge extra fee for that. If you want to place a toll free number on your marketing materials to get more calls, feel free to do it.

Will I get an inbound calls statement on my monthly bill?

Any details of your incoming calls can be included in your monthly bill. The number, city, and state where the call was made from may be included as well on your request. Please note, if a caller blocks his call by dialing "*67" such call can not be displayed.

Can I block certain area codes, say Florida or Canada?

Sure, we can block any area code that you may wish. Local customers can be given your local number to call and the toll free number can be used for making out-of-state calls.

Can customers from Europe call a toll free number?

Not yet. Toll Free numbers are reserved for use only within the United States and Canada.

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