While organizing your schedule, 24 Answering call center experienced operators will manage your inbound calls and convert them to customer appointments. Call center keeps under control all meetings not to be overlap with them. Each client has online access to the appointment calendar where they can schedule, rearrange and cancel meetings. Arranging your schedule correctly and professionally means to carry out your operations smoothly. We provide numerous solutions to your business by managing your timetable. We can also lower your costs giving you benefits from appointment schedule organization no matter what type of business you are in.

We Provide Our Services to Meet Customer Needs

24 Answering provides efficient services to satisfy customer needs. We arrange provide appointment scheduling, make booking reservations and provide inbound services. Our skilled call center agents work according to your instructions. We are integrated into your answering service account and online calendar what gives access to your calendar both our operators and your staff. It gives an opportunity to our employee to make corrections into scheduling calendar by proper organization of all bookings and appointment settings of your clients.

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Our call center agents are trained according to your industry specifications and can provide professional customized services for your clients. We customize appointment schedule with the aim of achieving your goals and meeting your needs and demands. 24 Answering call center works in different industries arranging meetings:

  • Financial Service: Our experts schedule your meetings and manage outbound phone calls to set and book appointments and generate leads
  • Medical/Healthcare: We provide appointment scheduling in compliance with HIPAA. It allows us to lower your administrative costs
  • Retail: Our live operators use their abilities and access to your protocols while making meetings for your customers
  • Education: Your students can have the ability to organize their meetings 24 hours a day.

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