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Front Desk Answering Service

Front Desk Answering Service24 Answering has created front desk answering service to provide any company with an opportunity of 24/7 customer support at a very affordable price. When considering outsourcing your front desk responsibilities to live operators, you should pay attention to the pricing plans, options included and features to be customized. If you own a small company and your budget doesn't allow in office staff, 24 Answering can replace your front desk personnel. No voicemail or answering machine can replace live communication. Every feature of your 24 Answering front desk account is completely customizable to make sure that we can provide your caller with the exact level of services they expect. You company can get full time professional office personnel at a very reasonable price. In fact, your callers will never even know they are talking to a call center representative and not your in office receptionist. You choose a greeting we open the conversation with. And every step of the talk is made in accordance with your demands. Our live operators are well-spoken and polite, they are trained to understand your particular needs prior to answering your calls.

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Numerous Advantages

Hiring you own virtual front desk operator, always available for your callers, has the biggest advantage over in office staff – the price. In addition to the full-time operator's salary, you will have to spend on computers, software, phones, rent, etc., while choosing 24 Answering call center can bring the same benefits, but at a very different price.

You virtual front desk can do everything instead of your in office staff represantative!

24 Answering front desk answering service represantatives are available 24/7. They provide:

  • Call Routing & Transfer: our live operators can perfectly manage any volume of calls at any hour of the day or night.
  • Appointment Setting Services: your virtual staff can successfully manage your appointments, we can take your messages, input relevant information in online calendar and even remind you or your customer of the appointment.
  • Customer Support: 24 Answering live operators give full range of office services including 24/7 or after hours customer support.
  • Sales Support: our live operators can enter your orders, process  credit cards, manage shipping and follow up with your customers.

If you have any further inquiries about 24 Answering Front Desk services, you are welcome to contact us!