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Real Estate

Real Estate Answering Services24 Answering is the most popular answering service among real estate agencies and property management professionals.24 Answering uses the latest technologies and hires professionally trained live operators to turn your real estate business into success. Our agents will give 24/7 support to your callers. We provide  great customer service with live answering, emergency calls dispatching, order processing, appointment scheduling, etc. Online real estate agencies often use us for 24/7 live answering regarding property information. Another option  popular with real estate professionals is busy line dispatching. You might be already talking with you potential customer when another caller rings. Then this call can be dispatched to our operators. You will be informed about all your incoming calls delivered to your e-mail or to your mobile in some urgent matters. Lettings and property management organizations widely use 24 Answering emergency hotline to settle some issues, for sales support and the most important - emergency dispatch.

24 Answerings include numerous features that might be highly beneficial for real estate agencies.  If you are in the very beginning of your business, you might consider virtual secretary services to make an impression of the developed company. We suggest live answering support to advertising campaigns and leads capturing for developed businesses. Big companies find our toll free numbers to be very useful for increasing their geographical presence.

Appointments make the core of real estate business. 24 Answering can schedule your appointments, forward all the incoming messages to your agency and even remind you about the future appointments. Our special feature is appointments management. We can inform you on last minute cancellations or call your customer on your behalf to apologize for appointment shift.

But most of your inbound calls are property related. Real estate agencies and lettings are most often contacted for more information on some property listing. 24 Answering live operators will become extension of your office consulting your prospective customers according to your instructions. When setting your account at 24 Answering you will be asked specific questions related to you business. We instruct our operators according to the script you settle.They are well aware of every specific detail starting from your special greeting to order management.

24 Answering call center is represented by thoroughly trained operators. Our experienced supervisors monitor every department since we cater our answering service for many industries. 24 Answering managers control every aspect of our service. Sophisticated technologies provide faultless work of the center. We give you quality service at very affordable price. 24 Answering accounts are absolutely customizable and their setting can be changed during our cooperation. We provide our support without any obligation from your side – you can choose our service on month to month basis. No long term contracts are necessary. Although, we do suggest special prices for those who prefer using us for lengthy periods.

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24 Answering real estate answering service will make sure that your agency won't miss any call. Thus, you won't miss any business opportunity. You decide if you need us to manage your after hours calls or provide live support  24 hours a day. Many real estate agencies are still using voicemail or cell phones to manage incoming calls. 24 Answering gives you perfect alternative of live answering service. Our live operators will answer your incoming calls, process the information and forward your messages, set  your business appointments and manage your orders. 24 Answering gives cost effective solutions to any real estate industry professionals. Hiring in office staff is an old fashioned way of doing business. Why pay more for the same service?

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