Virtual OfficeVirtual office idea might seem strange to those who have never tried this service. Though many companies have successfully outsourced all their inbound and outbound calls, appointment and messages taking, order processing and lead generation to professional answering services. Do you consider outsourcing your phone calls to live  operators? Well there are several thing to pay attention to when choosing your answering partner. They are: general experience, staff professionalism, technologies used and services provided.

24 Answering virtual office service was developed with the only idea in mind: we improve the environment of your business, copy your employees style to create a perfect copy of your business. We will represent your company in the best way. We will hire skilled live operators to make the impression they answer from the front desk. We will do everything your in-office staff does but for a reasonable price. Hiring full-time employees means very substantial investment but hiring virtual office specialists will take only a fraction of this investment.

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Endless Possibilities of 24 Answering Virtual Office

Unlimited services, countless options for customizing your account with 24 Answering virtual officewhat more can you expect? Tell us about your business, strategy, goals and plans. Then we will set up your virtual office account to make sure you will get the most beneficial services for your particular needs

You can get all or any of these features:

  • Toll Free Number: it will function for your company account.
  • Customer Service: professional customer service will support your products/services. We can also handle immediate  needs, solve issues or problems, forward urgent calls to your representative.
  • Live Receptionist Services: your callers will talk to a polite live receptionist answering the questions following your company policies.
  • Order Taking Services: our live receptionists can take, qualify and process your orders.
  • Appointment Taking: your staff can arrange your meetings and appointments, manage your calendar. We provide additional services such as appointment reminding.
  • Messaging Interface:  we can integrate numerous communications media you use into unified user-friendly interface.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our live support available 24/7 with any virtual office related questions.

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