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For Our Recruiting Team Our Outputs Are Results of Our Inputs

recruiting teamIf you are a team, you suppose to be one whole thing. Maybe you can have similar feelings, thoughts and points of view. It makes people a team, that is working hand-in-hand daily, weekly, monthly … Our main goal is the growth and quality rise of constant recruiting. We are now quite satisfied with one of the lowest turnovers in the industry. Our growth rates make us to be sure we are on the right way.

Our recruiting team is constantly in search. It is looking for special team positions for our company and new Business Support Associates with good education, personal skills and strong backgrounds.

Recruiting team has special demands for our employees:

  • Our specialists review each applicant's resume carefully. We prefer to hire people who have personal skills and strong backgrounds and who are experienced in customer care, sales and different/specified industry areas.
  • Our recruiting team often makes several interviews to make the right decision. We are making face-to-face interviews, conduct phone screenings.
  • If the applicant meets all our requirements and we make a decision he/she is the right person our company needs, we ask them to complete the test which gives us the opportunity to identify listening skills, the ability to work with word processing, typing skills and telephone etiquette.

Note: We are very selective in our search. But once our recruiting team chooses the right applicant, we send a job offer letter. A part of our work is to make compulsory training for beginners, which is necessary to become professional.

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